Seven reasons to partner with HSC tong repair services

1. Delivery / Pickup – Included in program (No Charge)!

  • Give us a call and we will come get it from any of our 13 convenient locations.

  • With our equipment management process we can pick up a tong from one yard repair and deliver to other yards needing that equipment and track that assets location.

2. Complete disassembly, wash, thorough inspection of each component and return quality equipment every time!

  • We completely teardown and disassemble every tong to insure quality and performance of each component to extend the repair life of your equipment.

3. Torque dyno test with performance certificate on every piece of equipment repaired

  • Our dyno test machine certifies tong performance by recording Torque Ft/Lbs to PSI per OEM/Industry standards. This insures quality of our repair services to our customers and to yours!

4. Inventory and stock wide selection of manufacturer parts to ensure great quality, great turn around times and great pricing.

5. Expert support and troubleshooting via phone - mitigates problems in the field – included in repair alliance program (no charge)!

6. Equipment Log and tracking - by date, repair, cost, asset number, requisition, PO, yard, rig and manager for every piece of equipment repaired at our facility.

7. Expert application support - suggest and help manage that the proper tong model is applied for each application identified by field conditions.

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